Managing Contract Risk Across an Enterprise World

Government Contractors are tasked with properly managing multiple opportunities through pursuit, award and delivery to meet compliance requirements. However, many organizations struggle to achieve visibility and insight into the performance of their contracts, facing risks that can affect many areas of their business.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Effective contract management in complex buying organizations requires managers to know how to collect and use information. Most government contractors collect and use spend data to track trends for business management objectives like competition rates, purchasing lead-time and small business utilization.

But do you also use data analysis to manage compliance risk within your organization?

This live Q&A on-demand webinar featuring guest speaker, Darryl Scott, Section 809 Panel Commissioner who answers some of the top questions contractors ask themselves to manage contract risks.

In this webinar, we’ll address:

  • Tracking and managing compliance with enterprise spend policies and understanding your saving options.
  • Managing contract risks and identifying where they lie.
  • Mitigating legal and regulatory compliance risk and determining how effective those plans are.